Nzuwizi River Lodge is located on the Farm Struwigsrus direclty adjacent to the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. from 1935 to 1962 Struwigsrus was part of the farm Naboomskop which with a narrow strip of farms along the Olifants River was incorporated in the Kruger National Park (see above diagram). A certain PC Struwig bought what is now Strwugsrus from the Kruger National Park in 1962 when it decided to straighten its Western Border. He bequeathed the Farm to a number of cultural organisations to conduct youth projects on it.

The current owners bought the Farm in 2020. In the spirit of PC Struwig it continues with youth projects through Tanglewood Foundation.~

The Tanglewood Foundation (TF) is New Zealand based funded by Peter Eastwood with proceeds from the sale of his business.

TF funds projects and initiatives in both New Zealand and South Africa along with some world-wide films covering topics of conservation, environment and veganism.

In South Africa we are involved in a variety of projects;

  • Eastern Cape Albany Thicket restoration – Funded purchase of 760 hectare farm through Wilderness Foundation Africa to ‘Ground Truth’ Rhodes University work.
  • Tanglewood (Struwig) purchased 80% of the property with the aim to provide camping space for community interaction and education within the Greater Kruger National Park.
  • Rhino KZN – Funding vehicle etc.
  • Elephants and Bees – Coexistence Gardens
  • Movies Stroop and Lion Bones and Bullets.

Tanglewood Community Education Centre. We have a 20 bed camping facility complete with boma and covered dining/education space. We have an arrangement with the Nzweni Camp operator that they provide services to users of the EC at cost making this camp a very affordable option for community groups and NGO’s. Groups looking to utilise the facility at this stage include Elephants Alive Gog’s and Elephants camps, Wild Shots Outreach, Trans Frontier Africa Bush Babies. We are in talks with many others.

We feel that this camp has a lot to offer the Eco Children programme. Children could be hosted overnight or more ideally in multi night camps where they could get an immersive experience in the African bush seeing and learning about the flora and fauna of the GKNP. A combination of camping at Tanglewood and traversing on parts of Klaserie could provide an impressive experience for the children.